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Historical evolution

1.Every county hygiene organ of Taiwan Province that the basis was announced on December 10 , the 37th year of the Republic of China organizes the rules, Yu MinGuo established in August of 38, is subordinate to in the commune hospital of Taichung of the old system directly , handle official business in the warehouse by borrowing Hsiang Administration Office of a pool of bamb oo temporarily.

2.After dividing in the administrative division in the county in October of the 39th year of the Republ ic of China, Belong to the commune hospital of Changhua county (reform system for the county hospital of Changhua in the 49th year of the Republic of China).

3.Changed to be subordinate to bamboo pool Hsiang Administration Office in the 51st year of the Republi c of China, still accepted the guidance of county hospital of Changhua.

4.Subordinate to the county hospital of Changhua so far yet in July of the 63rd year of the Republic of China.

1.The beginning of establishment of health station of August of the 38th year of the Republic of China, handle official business for some time in the warehouse by borrowing Hsiang Administration Office tem porarily (bamboo grove way No. 91 of pool township of bamboo, it is a section of 305 brass-wind instruments of bamboo grove way now, namely the present location of Hsiang Administration Office of bamboo pool ).

2.And then move it to and gather promptly (manage period to build on day, wooden, all of Hsiang Administration Office, an address: Unless bamboo pool township bamboo grove way No. 89, bamboo grove way sections of 260 No. now,namely later on Zhongshan hall) handle official business.

3.On the opposite side of Hsiang Administration Office, No. 1 of 90 bamboo grove ways of pool township of bamboo in the 43rd year of the Republic of China (namely the present location of health station, now it is bamboo grove one section of ways 304 No., it is one paddy field not large stretch of originally),it is handle official business not to build,The brick is made, building the level ground and 35 level ground, Yu MinGuo completed and launched in October of 44.

4.The family dependents of the staff member in September of the 54th year of the Republic of China dorm itory is launched, build the level ground and 30 level ground , the brick stone wall post.

5.Rebuilt in where it is in August of the 70th year of the Republic of China, built two floors of offices in order to strengthen bricks, build 311 or ¡¤ five of level ground, MinGuo Yu is it launch so far to complete will it be June 14 one year.

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